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Bad 'n' Boudie with AJP is a whole vibe...

The AJP Boudoir experience is all about feeling empowered and crazy sexy in your very own skin. Each session is located in a luxurious hotel room at The Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel near downtown Omaha. The fresh white sheets and the glam aesthetic is a combo that is sure to make you feel like a damn goddess! With Angie as your ultimate hype queen, she'll guide you step by step through every pose to feel confident, sexy, and crazy beautiful! Bring your girls and celebrate your SEXY! xo

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The whip-cream on top! What's included in this experience...

A Luxurious 5-Star Hotel Room

From the minute you walk in, you will feel like a goddess, surrounded by lavish details, a ritsy atmosphere and fresh linens. About 2 full hours will be spent in the room to allow outfit changes, posing, and breaks. It's alot of bending ;)


4x6 Luxury Showcase Box

This box showcases 10 printed images from your boudoir session. This box can be gifted to someone special or kept for your own damn glory!


Professional Hair & Makeup

Confidence on FIRE, baby! Hair and Makeup are included with this package. Scheduled outside of the shoot time, we'll partner and make you feel SEXY from head to toe.


A Drink on AJP

Ready when you arrive, Angie will greet you at the door with your drink of choice! Options include the full bar menu + mocktail options.


the sexiest investment of your life...

Session Details & Pricing

Up to 2 Hours | Luxurious Hotel Experience | 2-3 Outfits | Complimentary Drink | Digital Album of 50+ Images | All Rights | Complimentary Hair and Makeup | 4x6 Linen Boudoir Box with 10 Prints | 1 week sneak peek | 5 full week turnaround and Box Delivery

$2,499 + tax

“Highly recommend Angie Jean for all the above! I did a boudoir shoot for my wedding gift to my husband and it was absolute FIRE!!!! I have never felt sexier or confident!!! It was so much fun!”

Let's get a little crazy, Sis

Weekday availability only in 2023 | Best times to shoot are between 2-4pm.

Use this as an opportunity to invest in yourself. You deserve this. Let me know how I can help make this affordable for you! I'm here! xo


What do I wear?

Choose 2-3 outfits that you feel like a damn queen in. An off-the-shoulder t-shirt with boy shorts is crazy sexy and fun, or channel more of a seductive vibe and rock full on lingerie. Angie is here to help style the session and make it YOURS! We can keep it fun and flirty or dark and naughty! I'm here for it all!!!! Everyone, every size, every body should be valued and loved beyond measure! Choose pieces that channel the vibe of you.. or the other YOU (insert angel emoji here!)

I have never done boudoir - what do I do?! What should I expect?!

Have no fear kitty cats! I'm here to pose you, guide you, encourage and hype you the entire time. The environment is fun, relaxed, and filled with the sauce! I'll have music playing to set the vibe as well! There will be lots of back arching, bending, and holding poses, so please prepare to hydrate afterwards, as you'll likely be a little sore the day after the session. I'm here to make you feel comfortable and accept any and all requests to help you get there. You got this, girlfriend. I'm so stoked to capture your bad self! xo

What if the Cottonwood Hotel is unavailable on my desired shoot date?

If the Cottonwood Hotel is unavailable on your desired shoot date, I can make accommodations at The Farnam Downtown Omaha or The Magnolia. Both of these hotel options are fabulous options and will bring the luxury vibe to your session.

Who do I use for Hair, Makeup, and Lashes?

Lashes and professional makeup always makes these special sessions pop (& add a dose of confidence to my Clients!), however if full-glam is not your cup of tea, don't feel pressured. Bring your true authentic self and I'll make you feel like Miss America 1 pose in.

Makeup & Hair Vendors:
Hope Weis: Airbush and Makeup Artist

Mollee Ross | Manes by Mollee

Emilee Yaggie | Bungalow/8 Hairdressing

Certified Lash Artist:
Jes Rose | Lash Drunk