Itinerary + Wedding Day Shot List Details

Formatting + Tips & Tricks from Angie Jean!

Let's start with the Itinerary!

This is a timeline you will submit, that will outline your entire day from start to finish. Need help with this? I'm here! This piece is crucial for me and my second shooter to navigate your day and understand when key moments are taking place. Once this document is e-mailed to Angie, she will review, and finalize together in your Pre-Wedding Day Consultation.

Please take a peek at the Timeline Details below! These might help you map out your day a little easier!

Here's an example below to help you get started!

Here's an example below to help you get started!

Example wedding day timeline

10:00 AM ::::::::::::::: Girls Arrive at Venue for Hair and Makeup

10:30 AM ::::::::::::::: Photographers Arrive

11:00 AM ::::::::::::::: Boys Arrive at Venue to Get Ready

11:30 AM ::::::::::::::: Flowers Delivered to Venue

12:00 PM ::::::::::::::: Lunch Delivered to Venue

1:00 PM ::::::::::::::: Bride Puts on Dress / MOB Photo Op / Reveal to Bridesmaids

1:30 PM ::::::::::::::: Bride's First Look with Dad

2:00 PM ::::::::::::::: Bride and Groom's FIRST LOOK! (Followed by Bride and Groom's Couple Session )

2:30-3:30 PM ::::::::::::::: Formal Family Photos + Formal Wedding Party Photos

3:30-4:30 PM ::::::::::::::: Rest Before Ceremony / Hydrate / Relax

4:30 PM ::::::::::::::: CEREMONY

5:00 PM ::::::::::::::: Cocktail Hour

5:15 PM ::::::::::::::: Grand Entrance of Wedding Party and the New Mr. and Mrs!!

6:00 PM ::::::::::::::: Dinner is Served!

6:30 PM ::::::::::::::: Let's Eat Cake! (cake cutting)

7:00 PM ::::::::::::::: Toasts

7:30 PM ::::::::::::::: First Dance / followed by Bride and Father + Groom and Mother Dances

8:30 PM ::::::::::::::: SUNSET PHOTOSHOOT!

10:00 PM ::::::::::::::: Sparkler Send Off!

A few things to keep in mind with your Itinerary!


We love FIRST LOOKS! This is such a special moment that allows you two to really soak each other up in a more intimate setting before the ceremony. Please allow 30 MINUTES in your timeline for the First Look Reveal + Couple's Session.

After the First Look, we will then transition into Formal Family Photos + Formal Wedding Party Photos. Please allow 1 HOUR in your timeline to photograph both Formal Family and Formal Wedding Party Photos.


No first look, no problem! We navigate the day tailored to your vision and LOVE capturing that first look as the Bride walks down the aisle. So sweet and magical!

Post-Ceremony, we will head straight into the Formal Family + Formal Wedding Party Photos + Couple's Session. Please allow a minimum of 1 HOUR AND 30 MINUTES in your timeline for these special photos.

PRO TIP: To cut down on photography time after the ceremony - request Bride with Bridesmaids and Groom with Groomsmen photos be taken BEFORE the ceremony, in order to knock those shots of your list and save you a few extra minutes to celebrate!


We like to steal the Bride and Groom for 10 minutes during the reception to capture the love and magic as the sun goes down! This is optional, but gives you another moment alone with your Love!

FALL AND WINTER WEDDINGS! Please keep an eye on the sunset time, when planning your ceremony time! This will impact our ability to photograph formal shots post-ceremony, if there is no First Look. Angie is ALWAYS mindful of the sunset, but it's helpful to think of this when planning!


We got you covered!

Do not worry about adding the shots like "bride getting ready, bride with bridesmaids, ring shots, reception table scapes" -- we literally cover every inch of your BIG DAY from start to finish! Including the emotions, the candid shots, the dance floor magic, and Grandpa gettin his groove on! Know you are in GREAT HANDS! If there is something special I may not know about, include that in the questionnaire! (Example: Special Heirloom from Grandma who's watching from Heaven!)

Formal Family Shot List //

Think of "The Framers!" for Mom, Dad, and Grandma Alice!

For Family Group Shots, we typically photograph BOTH the Bride and Groom with each side of the family. We start with Mom and Bride and add-in as we go with + Dad, + Groom, + Siblings, + Siblings Kiddos, + Grandpa and Grandma!

See example below for formatting.

Formal Wedding Party Shot List //

We capture individuals with Bride and each Bridesmaid + Groom with each Groomsman. We then transition to Bride with all Bridesmaids + Groom with all Groomsmen and then FULL Wedding Party!

I grab a few candid and "in the moment" shots as we photograph you with these special people, as well. Hugs, handshakes, or that famous Sorority pose - we capture it all and understand these people mean the WORLD to you!

See example below for formatting.

Formatting your wedding day shot list

Formal Family Formatting

When listing out your shots, please format your list as follows, using both the Pronoun AND the name in parentheses as shown. This makes it EASY PEASY for us to audit who's on your list. Mom, CHECK! Dad, CHECK! Brother John, CHECK!

Bride with Mom (Susan)

Bride with Dad (Dave)

Bride with Mom and Dad (Susan and Dave)

Bride with Mom and Dad + Brother (John) + Sister (Leslie)

Bride with Mom and Dad + Brother (John) + Sister (Leslie) + Groom

Bride with Siblings (John and Leslie)

Bride with Siblings (John and Leslie) + Groom

...... and so on! Angie will help organize the shot list, so it makes the most sense logistically adding and subtracting individuals.

Formal Wedding Party Formatting

This one is pretty straight forward! Please use the same formatting as The Formal Family Shot List - using their role in your party AND their name to ensure we have individual shots planned with everyone in your wedding party.

Bride with each Bridesmaid Individually (Bri, Stephanie, Amber)

Bride with all Bridesmaids

Bride with all Bridesmaids + Personal Attendants (Sydney and DeNell) + Flower Girl (Zoe)

Bride with each Personal Attendant Individually (Sydney and DeNell)

Bride with Flower Girl (Zoe)

Groom with Ring Bearer (Miles)

Bride and Groom with Flower Girl and Ring Bearer (Zoe and Miles)

........ and so on!

Don't forget the Officiant, Ushers, Candle Lighters, Ring Bearers, Personal Attendants, and special family (aunts/ uncles) or friends that are helping at the reception or ceremony!

Stuck? in a rut with the shot list? Shoot Angie an SOS text @ 402-750-9243! She'll come running with a hug, coffee, and organization to help you breeze through this bad boy, stress free!