Wedding Day Questionnaire

All the Mushy Gushy Details!

Hey, Sweet Couple!!! If you're reading this, that means you have booked with Yours Truly and the countdown has officially begun! This questionnaire will help us organize your big beautiful dream day from start to finish! These details will be discussed and finalized in your Pre-Wedding Day Consultation, scheduled 5-6 days before your wedding day!

Dive in, Love Birds! And please reach out with any questions! xo Angie

Please enter one e-mail address of either Bride or Groom.

Please include name, cell #, and relation to the Bride. Typically this is a mother of the bride, sister of the bride, MOH, or personal attendant.

If yes, please include name and cell #.

Examples: Boho, Glitz and Glam, Country Chic? Please include your colors and share any Pinterest Boards with @AngieJeanXO.

Angie recommends coverage start when Bride's hair and makeup start (whichever comes first).

Please include hotel room numbers if applicable.

Please include hotel room numbers if applicable.

Angie recommends having your dress, shoes, accessories, and RINGS with you, so Angie and Travis can capture these details while the Bride and Bridesmaids get ready.

If no, that is ok! Angie has a special hanger for dress photos!

Angie recommends having the bouquets delivered to this same location, in order to get creative shots with rings, accessories, and the floral.

Is yes, what time, what location, and what is your vision? Please add Pinterest Photos to your board or email Angie photos of how you picture this special moment rolling out.

If yes, what time, what location, and what is your vision? Please add Pinterest Photos to your board or email Angie photos of how you picture this special moment rolling out. IF YOU'D PREFER US TO DECIDE the perfect location / scenery, please make note. This is our specialty, you are in good hands!

If yes, please have flowers (both Bride and Grooms) + rings ON! It is also helpful to have a personal attendant here to help Bride with dress and flowers.

This session is 5-10 minutes.

Please include # of Groomsmen and # of Bridesmaids.

Please indicate relation to Bride/Groom.

If yes, please list names.

If yes, please include names and relation to the Bride/Groom.

If yes, we will help find the perfect spot for these, unless directed by Bride and Groom. If you have a special spot you want these taken at, please indicate that here. Lighting and our creative eye will be considered here, to ensure we deliver unique and high quality group shots.

These would include: Parents + Siblings + Grandparents. All other groupings can occur during the reception. A separate, detailed shot-list will be sent to you vie e-mail.

If outdoors, do you have a backup space planned if it rains/snows, etc.?

Please indicate if this is someone of special relation to the Bride and Groom.

Examples include Unity Candles, Flowers given to parents, etc.

Please consider this in your timeline, specifically for couples who do NOT have a first look before the ceremony. This usually takes 30 minutes at the average-sized wedding of 250 wedding guests.

If yes, is there room for both photographers to join and capture these moments? How long do you plan on driving around for?

If yes, will your DJ be announcing your names and the New MR AND MRS?!!!

Name and/or Company

Example: Grand Entrance, Cake Cutting, Prayer, Dinner, Toasts, Couples 1st Dance, Parent-Dances, Bouquet Toss, Garter Toss.

If yes, THANK YOU! For buffet-style, we typically get in line immediately after the wedding party and family have gone through, to ensure we eat at the same time as the Bride and Groom. We don't want to miss any of the action!

These are dreamy! And add a little something extra to your album!

Examples Include: Divorced / Widowed Parents, Blended Families, Deceased Parents/Siblings/Grandparents, other.

Florist, Invitations, Dress Designers, Tux Rentals, Catering, Planner, DJ, Jewelry, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, Rentals, etc. If a separate doc. is easier for this, please e-mail. THANK YOU!

If yes, please provide company name.

Examples: special speakers, surprises, etc.

Specific poses beyond what is typically captured on a wedding day.

Please also include if this send-off has sparklers, bubbles, etc.

If it's not your thing, this is okay! We want everyone to feel comfortable in front of the lens.

& Don't be shy! I love the mushy-gushy details!